Has a friend or a co-worker stabbed you in the back? Were you betrayed? Well, here you can tell us your story of betrayal or when you were stabbed in the back.

All betrayal here, from cheaters to jealous co-workers, to former friends, and even bad doctors! If someone betrayed you or stabbed you in the back, let the world know!

Stabbed Me In The Back!
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Jerry miller – Diamond illinois/Gardner illinois, International stabbed me in the back! Total narcissist control freak, cheater, male slut fake

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Makhotso Petunia Mdakane – Bloemfontein, South Africa stabbed me in the back! This slut loves married men. She knows NO

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Mary Jo Glenn – Throop, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This ugly ass woman here has mental issues. She

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Leticia Soto Hendricks – Aurora, Colorado stabbed me in the back! This whore started having sex with her boss in

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Ruthie England of Taylor Michigan for being a cheater! Ruthie England is a home wrecker. She wouldnÕt leave my

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Kenya Harper – dallas, tx, Texas stabbed me in the back! my husband and i split up with what was

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Michele tenaglia – Cranston, Rhode Island stabbed me in the back! the picture above is what I was going through

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Kayla M. Cunningham – Columbia, Missouri stabbed me in the back! Kayla Cunningham works at Boone Hospital and has no

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Kathryn Marie Spade – Saratoga Springs, New York stabbed me in the back! So, in the military, cheating done by

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Linda Nelms Horsting – Perry, Georgia stabbed me in the back! This woman fucks her stepson, Wade Horsting. She is

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