Alyssa Alana Brown of St. Charles Minnesota

Alyssa Alana Brown of St. Charles Minnesota for being a cheater! After High school I moved in with my best friend from high school of 5 years and my long term boyfriend of 4 years. It was originally supposed to be just my boyfriend and I but my best friendÕs mother died and she needed help and a place to live. So my boyfriend and I changed our plans and found a place for all of us to live. Things were going great for the first year. I always knew my best friend had a crush on my boyfriend but she was always respectful and kept her distance. Then my boyfriend lost his job so I started working ALOT. I was working 60 hours a week going to school full time and still making time for family and friends. It was very stressful and tiring. While I was working a ton of hours my best friend became distant and started openly flirting more with my boyfriend who I never got to see anymore. She even went as far to quit her second job so she could be home more with him without me around. This ruined our relationship. I had no respect for her.; This also began to cause my boyfriend and I to argue. As time went on my best friend would try to give me relationship advice by suggesting that my boyfriend was a bum and cheating on me. She would tell me how unhappy we seem together and how we would be much better off breaking up. I just ignored it and continued to work and go to school and try to make things work between my boyfriend and I. One day I got off early and came home to find my best friendÕs computer open. I started reading her Facebook messages between her and my boyfriend. She was playing him too. In her messages she was talking about how much of a bitch I am how he deserved better how all I wanted to do was work and not be home with him. How I was cheating on him. SO MUCH NEGATIVITY AND MANIPULATION. *gag*. This broke my heart. She was supposed to be my best friend. I had been there for her when her mother died when her house burned down for her multiple car accidents when she needed a job. AND this is how she was treating me. I ignored it unsure of how to deal with it. I asked my boyfriendÕs best guy friend for advice and started consulting with him over my boyfriendÕs recently changed behavior. That following week my boyfriend broke up with me because he thought I was cheating on him with his best friend. (How Ironic) . I tried to live in the apartment with my snake of a friend and broken ex boyfriend. I moved out after 2 weeks. Not long after my boyfriend started asking for me to come home. My boyfriend and I are still together! But my snake of a friend is no longer in our lives. She still tries to contact my boyfriend from time to time but we continue to ignore her and live our lives together!

November 22nd, 2017 by
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