Amanda E. Isom of Canton Georgia

Amanda E. Isom of Canton Georgia for being a cheater! I wish I never met this cum dumpster. As far as I know sheÕs had plenty inside herÉshe moves around from man to man provided she has place to live and leech off of. She is as flaky as they come-a true wanna be rebel but isnÕt. She changes her looks base on the man sheÕs with. After quitting her job working with my husband after I put her in her place she had the galls to invite him out to lunch behind MY back knowing I knew what she was. She is currently dating a clue less chump which I feel bad for because if he knew what she did to my marriage with my husband and why she did what she did-heÕd dump her. Amanda was upset according to what she told my husband during the holidays in November of 2014 she was having problems with her BFÕs ex wife-apparently she stormed out of their house and called my husband for a meet up. She used my husband to make her BF Josh jealous and he has no idea we think of what she did. For her own gain she used her unhappiness to wreck my marriage. My husband is full of remorse for taking the lunch date with her-oh not to mention they had three more too. She went hunting with him and had the balls to invite him out to her house to ride horses with him-just to make her BF jealous she could get another man but does JOSH know it was a married man she was fucking around with?; Does he know she obliterated our marriage just for the hell of it because she could and it me her feel so fucking fab and hot to tear down a strong marriage. My husband has never cheated on me before and although it was only 3 dates to get back at Josh it caused irreparable harm to ME. When I confronted her her response was Ó oh well sometimes men need other women they can talk toÓ. Oh really? I should mention this toddler is 24-IÕm 34. She showed no remorse for what she had done and seemed to take pride in destroying what she can never have and mark my wordsÉ.I will tell her BF what she did. As a previous married manÉ.IÕm sure he would have second thoughts about spending the rest of his life with her. BTW she was cheating with Josh while seeing my husband too-and some fictional BF in FL she ran off to after I scared the shit out of her. Hope you see this cunt and realize IÕll never get over what you did to me. You destroyed my MARRIAGE AND I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF IF YOU USED UP HAS BEEN SLUT.

April 19th, 2018 by
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