Amy Walden Gamble of Kingsport Tennessee

Amy Walden Gamble of Kingsport Tennessee for being a cheater! I found out about her and my husband ÒmessagingÓ on facebook they both denied anything was going on as she is also married for I believe a second or third time as my husband was also on his 4th marriage. He acted like he didnÕt know her and that she just started messaging him well I found out through in-laws that oh he definitely knows her sheÕs an ex girlfriend that was with when he was married before they got together when she married her 2nd husband and right after she got fired from service loans in Kingsport Tn I was told for money embezzlement that my husband had dropped her like a hot potato exact wording from my soon to be ex mother in-law. So I confronted them on it and they continue to lie to me and deny any wrong doing as theyÕre both ÒchristiansÓ and she starts messaging and harassing me on facebook. This was in 2014. But IÕve had it with the lying and cheating there is kids involved in which she knew this.

April 13th, 2018 by
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