Angela Jorgenson of Bellingham Washington

Angela Jorgenson of Bellingham Washington for being a cheater! I met the father of my children about 9 years ago at work. He started telling me about his home life and how unhappy he was and that he was leaving. Normally that sounds like bs a guy would say just so he can have both. I want to make it very clear nothing happened between us romantically (or even crossed my mind at this point) until he left. Which he had cheated on her and left her multiple times throughout their relationship. So he left her and we hooked up. We have been together since 2008. Even moved to the Midwest together and had 2 kids. It hasnÕt been peachy but it has been us. He does have kids with his ex also. She stays at home because she collects ssi food stamps has her rent paid with section 8 not to mention has created a little successful fb page to sell tutus that she makes and sells (which is undocumented untaxed dollars going to her) plus not to mention she has prescriptions she sells as well. While we both work 40 hours to support ourselves. She often complains that he doesnÕt help or do anything to help but he pays child supportÉand she wants more. she wonÕt ever let him talk to the kids. I even sent her money for Christmas and she wouldnÕt pick it up because I was the one who sent it and she wouldnÕt write my name down. She takes vacations to tropical islands but canÕt pay for her daughters senior trip. They have spoke of the kids coming here to visit but she has the stipulation they canÕt be around me. Really? We donÕt have the funds to take her to court and he doesnÕt have the drive to do thatÉ After all this time and I know there have been other periods when this has happened I have discovered they were talking again. His reasons for talking to her have been that thatÕs the only way she will let him talk to the kids and he thought I was leaving him. She has called me a homewrecker the entire time we have been together yet she continues to carry on with him even though she had a child with someone else and they havenÕt seen each other in 8 years. I want to expose her for her hypocritical actions and expose him for playing with both of us. ItÕs time to let go.

May 2nd, 2018 by
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