Anthony Gallo, aka Tony Anarumo Pasadena MD

This backstabbing piece of garbage just dated a close friend and what a disgusting human being. He’s a lying manipulative creep who takes advantage of women especially women who were abused or who are fat and have insecurities about their weight. First off what kind of person takes customers cars home from his job at lunchtime every day so he can watch porn and jerk off? This scumbag. Apparently every date they had he spent talking about his ex wife who cheated, every girl he’s dated, his family and how they all wronged him. His family wants nothing to do with him and he talks shit about everyone. He uses his mom as an excuse to cover for other girls he sees so he get defensive when caught lying. This guy is so evil he was having unprotected sex with multiple girls and lying about it without a condom. Why? His dick is so small snd he’s so insecure he would always ask my friend if he was the best in bed. She wouldn’t answer him because he was definitely not. He reused sex toys with multiple women with no regard for stds. He’s got some serious issues because he would say one minute he’s in love with her and the next turn against her because he didn’t like what she asked him and he’d cut her off. There seems to be mental health issues. He also repeats the same stories over and over to each girl so he doesn’t have to remember what he said. My friend walked in on him with another girl who looked like a fat pig he brought home from the bar and spoke like a truck driver. This piece of crap lied right then and said my friend wasn’t his girlfriend even though he recently took her to meet his mom and saw her a few days before. He’s an alcoholic, abuser who pretends to be a great guy but is a horrible person. Ladies he’s not worth the lies, head games, psycho drama rollercoaster just for some bad sex where he tries to act out his porn addiction. I told her he was bad news when she met him and turns out I was right. Stay away from this loser. Not worth the trouble.

June 13th, 2018 by
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