Ashley Elane Bottrell White / Ashley WinterWhite Dallas Plano Texas

Morbidly obese, bigger than a cow. Ashley hangs out with young kids born in the late 80’s early 9’s avoid admitting she’s at best, a 1971 cougar. Ashley is a drama queen and her phony friends Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina, Danielle Ashley Biondo, Corbin Peck, Angela Le, are troublemakers who post people online, go off the grid, change the name on social media, when they are outed. Ashley is now Ashley WinterWhite, that won’t purify her or make her lose weight. This walking heart attack won’t be around much longer if she eats another meal like all the fatty food she is pictured with. Ashley put up a pic of an ugly dog, but it looks better than her fat ugly sagging face. Grow up Ashley.

April 29th, 2018 by
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