Bobby Coburn, Texas

Bobby Coburn Hes a world class performer. I have dated Bobby on and off since mid 2013. I have never seen anything like his level of cruelty. Bobby is cheating if you are dating him. I was sucked into his black hole of lies and abuse. I can tell you he is doing way more than you suspect. I rented him the house next door to me and i have had total access to everything on his phone. I could guess that ive seen a side to him noone else sees. Bobby really damaged me. When I had the phone app. I was crushed. Everything I am about to say is true. some random things that stand out in my mind: one day Bobby and i had made love for hours professing our love for each other..he gets up go and calls a female and tells me he has to see about a job. he gets to her house and I can hear every word said because of the spyware i had installed on his phone.I listen and panicked. I called the girl. I told her he had a gf. and i told her he just left my bed. Well this got him mad and he proceeded to tell her i was some crazy woman he cant get rid of that he was trying to get rid of me but im relentless. This is just from leaving our bed breathless from ***. well I continued to listen to them flirting and i packed everything I bought out of his room. which was a huge amt. of stuff. I had decorated his room. spent about 2k.He threw this in my face for a long time only he twisted it to I stole his stuff. I wasnt going to leave that nice bedding for him to entertain other women.I know he would have no problem doing that because he slept with me in another womans bed. I had no idea until months later there are so many horriffic things i will have to post one thinng daily

September 9th, 2017 by
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