Boehrer Francois owner of

Francois Boehrer Sarl is short for little p**** f***** in French. Yes, this is the piece of s*** outfit behind The funny thing is the lengths to which they go to hide who they are but at the same time publish the private information of every domain registrant. If someone registers a domain in your name to try to make you look bad, these a******s will optimize the search result online so that this c**p comes up, true or not, right or wrong. They want people to “like” their s****y page in exchange for removal but even after you “like” this c**p, they don’t remove you.
The address used by fuckface Francois Boehrer Sarl is 17 rue Boussingault, Strasbourg, France. Maybe give them a call at +33.698455063. They, of course host and all their s****y sites in the U.S. so that they can be a******s to Americans. Well, Frenchies, when you were getting your a***s handed to you during WW2, we had to go save you. We Americans can do that because unlike you, we are not p*****s having to hide that we own F*** you very much!
I am investigating every single person behind this s****y operation and will continue to post. So, Francois Boehrer Sarl, since you like blasting everyone else in Google, welcome to the search results, a******s!

April 7th, 2018 by
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