Bradley James Marshall, Minnesota

I met him at his work, he is a waiter. He told me he was a single dad of 2 kids,. Divorced. Said his sister watched his kids while he worked, such a great guy! Then his wife called me. She saw my # on his phone and called me. Turns out he is not divorced, lives with his wife and kids, his wife is with the kids while he is at work and he has cheated on her for years. I don’t know why she stays with him. When she found out I was sleeping with him she texted him and he spent the whole time trying to convince me she was a psycho stalker! He was more worried about preserving our relationship than his marriage! His wife told me he has herpes!! We had s*x a few times without a condom, he never said he had herpes, or a wife!! He lies about his age, his marital status and his STDs!

April 7th, 2018 by
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