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July 6th, 2018 by admin

Jacob Wildner – Gilbert, Arizona stabbed me in the back! Men, keep your significant others away from him and Ladies, don’t let him into your life.; this man is my wife’s ex. He has countlessly manipulated her into letting him back in her phone and between her legs. The first time was in my own home back in 2012 when I thought they were harmless friends.; Needless to say our first daughter might be his which I found out long after I raised her as my own and still love her as mine.; i know our second child is mine because he is my exact twin and she had no phone and since I was unemployed at time of conception, we went everywhere together.; But unfortunately he doesn’t know when to quit, snaked his way back in her life and got her pregnant for sure this time. (I use condoms because I don’t want more) I didn’t find out about the pregnancy till 37 weeks during a big argument(yes I believed all her lies about still having periods and her stomach having a medical problem). Right after she told me she was pregnant, his name came up. O.O …..of course that m*****f***** is back.; Heres the kicker, she knows the child is his, I can tell the child isn’t mine, his response: “I have to think a lot but I think I wanna be in his(child’s) life.”; So if I wanna stay with her now this guy is always gonna be part of our lives,; Or the better option… leave with MY child legally and never look back.; THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS: THIS MANBOY IS A WORTHLESS IDIOT THAT NO WOMAN SHOULD EVER WANT AND HOPEFULLY KARMA CATCHES HIM THRU THIS.; He’s scared of me for good reason so he blocked me on FB.

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June 30th, 2018 by admin

Jodi doffing – Scottsdale, Arizona stabbed me in the back! Jodi Doffing currently living in South Scottsdale says doesn’t believe in premarital sex. Ha! She is married yet has no problem sleeping around with any man, even yours. I hope her unsuspecting husband sees this post. Bullshitting, fake ass, homewrecking hoe.

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June 13th, 2018 by admin

These two destroyed a family a relationship. She’s proud on being a home wrecker and him being a deadbeat dad who abandons his child she brags that he left his family for her destroyed a 7 almost 8 year relationship and a child’s life. Fiona look alike. Disgusting relationship who’s proud on not being in his child’s life. He’s been cheating on her since the first got together and she made him abandon his family and leave the state to go with her with her pig looking ass

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June 13th, 2018 by admin

I keep posting, because I’m lonely. I post because I want your love and attention. I post mean things about women because I hate them. I hate them because they steal the attention that I want from other men.

I’m lonely, sad, gay, and I’m longing for attention. Your attention. I often visit racist sites, because I secretly fantasize about being bound, kidnapped, whipped and taken advantage of by racist white men. I want to be your slave! I’ve been opened up by bbc many times, but I want something different. I have jerked off and came so many times watching Ned Beatty being used and abused by that toothless hillbilly in the movie, “Deliverance”, that I crack a fat and bust a nut, every time I hear banjos. My ass gets so hot and hungry when I read your racial slurs on those nasty racist websites. I pretend not to like it and get mad, but I really love it. It gets me off! I’m stroking it, every time you call me the n word.

I want you to make me bathe in Mountain Dew, while you p in my face. Do me on top of your rebel flag! Soothe the inside of my buttocks with baby oil, motor oil, Shedds Spread, lard, WD-40…whatever you hillbillies use, and open me up. Then let me suck you dry! I go ass2mouth better than any girl porn star.

Send all your dick pics to me: [email protected]

Call me up for some hot gay phone sex: 407-639-0611

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June 7th, 2018 by admin

Jill Dupont – Surprise, Arizona stabbed me in the back! Jill Dupont is a homewrecking whore. She has been sleeping with a married man for 6 years. It started when the man had a 8 month old and his wife was 6 weeks pregnant with their second child. She knows he is married. She used him for money. She got pregnant by him then got an abortion. She got his initials tatooed on her pelvic bone.

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May 16th, 2018 by admin

Julie Robinson – Phoenix, Arizona stabbed me in the back! Julie Robinson willingly slept with her ex-boyfriend when she knew full well he had a girlfriend of almost 2 years. She had even met the girlfriend before. The night that she screwed her ex-boyfriend, she , the ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend were all at a party together. The girlfriend had to leave the party and Julie wasted no time swooping in to screw her ex-boyfriend. She even spent the night at his house with us and when the girlfriend came over the next day Julie tried to deny anything happened even though everybody at the house knew it had. so Julie is not only just cheater and homewrecker but she’s also a liar. She really is just a low-class middle-aged lonely desperate trailer park cumfilled trash bucket.

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April 9th, 2018 by admin

Caught cheating on his girlfriend. Online meeting women and letting them buy him dinner, telling them a sob story to get them to pay his way to Paris … where it turns out his second wife lives. Walked out on her and his child three years ago but won’t divorce her, as a power play. Hooks up with women online, gets what he can out of them (dinner, wine bottles, TVs, money for Paris…), then let’s them find out about the girlfriend he is lying to or wife he is still married to.

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April 9th, 2018 by admin

Jesus Catalan – Tempe, Arizona stabbed me in the back! He’s from northwest indiana but moved to Tempe, AZ. A real slut who will whore around for any guy, even if he’s taken. Be aware of him — he’s prob got something. he’ll take any d*ick.

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March 21st, 2018 by admin

Jessica Marie Vega – Tucson, Arizona stabbed me in the back! “I am exposing myself as a home wrecker coz I regret my actions and see how stupid it was to think that a man would leave his main chick for me. I’ve been with men who are either married or in relationships and that shit just don’t work. Being a side piece has been nothing but messed up. My life isn’t any better than it was before. It was just temporary fantacy shit that faded real quick…..My kids definitely deserve better”; This is what this bisssh should be sayin, but she too damn to get it. She my friend and maybe exposing her stupid ass will get some sense into her pea brain. S.L sorry boo.

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February 26th, 2018 by admin

Yes, yes, anyone who has ever met Niki Brinkerhoff of Gilbert AZ could easily figure out that she is very shallow and dark inside…

She is pretty and charming on the outside, but holds many dark secrets.

She is racist even though she denies it, also definitely a drug and sex addict… That’s obvious! duh…

She really should just give custody of her daughter to Brady if he wasn’t such an asshole.

She can easily look you square in the eye with her hand on a Bible and lie to you perfectly without flaw or flinch.

Shes a pro!

I would say that once you meet her and still continue to pursue a friendship or relationship then you’re doing it at your own risk and assume responsibility especially if you bring her into your home to meet your husband or family, kids etc!

She will dump you and your kids with out second thought.

I feel sad to say, but she is public property.

She has Herpes and will not tell you!
Trust me she did it to me and gave it me!

Yup its my fault becuaseI trusted what she said….

She is 100 percent fake from hear to toe, inside and out, with zero empathy…

There is a few good things about Niki Brinkerhoff… She loves sex and does anything and everything! She rarely charges anything, in exchange just party and have fun with her is all she ever expected from me!

She told me lots of times the she was known as Fun Niki 🙂

She’s crazy and still wanted to see me on the side even though she had been seeing some guy name Brian P for over a year! lol 🙂 gotta love her!

I cut it off because of the risk of more diseases and eventually found myself a clean genuinely faithful sweetheart.

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