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February 5th, 2018 by admin

Merrycca lazcano Ortiz – Grand Junction Colorado, International stabbed me in the back! The man pictured with the slutty trick Merrycca is my best friend now ex-fiancé and this little trick of a neighbor. The little boy Jeymar Canales moved my friend and their daughter from NYC to Grand Junction Colorado for a new start Only to get cheated on with this coke head whore that worked with her and lived next door from them. Their daughters was best friends and played together often while their parents got busy while my good ole friend bust her ass to pay bills and he just say at home fucking the neighbor. Couldn’t tidy up the house or take some food out so it can be ready for my friend to come home and cook it. He is a little boy that messed up his family to be with a coke sniffing whore who doesnt know who her baby father is. I don’t understand how She can be happy with herself as a woman to raise her daughter with a man she stole from her neighbor friend She is colorados biggest whore. And they both are gonna get what they deserve. Cuz karma is a bitch and she hits hard. So enjoy enjoy Merrycca Lazcano Ortiz and Jeymar Canales. Cuz mommy always said how u get them is exactly how you lose them enjoy each other coke bastards

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May 29th, 2017 by admin

collin McClain Nance is a homewrecker from Pueblo CO. After nine years together Collin snuck around someone else’s family home at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. She snuck out and abandoned two infants to cheat. Bethany Paige Coberley still hasn’t let him see his kids in four weeks they separated.

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May 11th, 2017 by admin

Destroyed a 10 year marriage.wont even man up about it just lies and lies i would have let it go we are human but him not being a man i don’t see she seen in him he a pussy. He knew she was married and had kids and kept pushing until 10 years down the drain. I told them both that i knew what was going on, i told her i knew and it would be fine if we just talked about it 1st. That if she wanted she could have him over to our house and talk about it,i was willing to let them play if there was nothing hidden from me. But instead wanted to keep doing it behind my back. I understand that she has only ever been with me and had wanted to know what other people where like so did i,this could have been a fun experience for everyone but instead killed all trust. He doesn’t care about you about your kids hell he doesn’t even speek to her anymore so 10years for 10min if your wife works with him hes probably trying already.

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February 8th, 2017 by admin

Joe Fields stabbed me in the back. Do you know Joe?n Having a buddy like Joe, is just that much fun. He has skills, man skills, in construction and experience in many trades. He can build things, fix things; and if you ask Joe, heÕll stop by and help set that foundation, frame those windows and do it correctly because heÕs Joe.n LetÕs see, Joe likes racing, fishing, camping or just hanging out with his buds and having a few brews. Who wouldnÕt like a buddy like Joe, always there, will always buy you that first beer, and if you have a fishing trip, heÕs in.n Then you notice something, Joe never talks about his family, his wife, kids and there is a good reason. Has he forgotten about his two children? He hasnÕt seen them for years most likely because he owes the kids over $50878.16 in child support. How can a man forget about his children and their welfare? We know he has lots of family members in Idaho, Nevada and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We canÕt understand why even one of them doesnÕt grab Joe by the back of the neck and Òsay hey dude, theyÕre your kids and do the right thingÓ. ThatÕs another story but, if he were my brother, heÕd know my concerns.n So if youÕre at the shop, on the job site or just hanging out for a brew and you see Joe, ask how his kids are doing. Tell him he is not only hurting his kids financially but by not being a real father, when kids always need their father in their lives.n Fun guy Joe;
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December 5th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Laura Parsley (Allard) of Greeley, Colorado
So after 5 years of marriage and 2 kids with my husband I find out hes been talking to this hoe bag for quiet some time. Not past proof but Im pretty positive its been going on for years. Hes on a deployment over seas and I began having health problems with our 15 month old daughter. Happened to stumble upon numerous things of his wrong doing not only is she the problem but also him. So I log into his phone bill and see tons of bull sh*t back and forth, I decide to text her and him both, they both deny any wrong doing. I further investigate and find 2 days before my husband threatened me with divorce and said he screwed up that I dont deserve him that he was up till 4 am (his time) texting this bitch back and forth and even exchanged pics (sexting no sh*t) both deny. In screen shots she sent to me of text between her and my husband she even asks about me while hes over there saying they were ment to be and that he loves her always. How much you wanna bet this has (as I said above) been going on for years and shes just irrotated that he has yet to leave me. She even text him Asking why I was texting her (bitch you know why, my question was flat out bold) his response was that, because I thought he was cheating on me which Im definitely not. I love her and want to make our marriage work. Of course she didnt respond to that and now is throwing a pity party for herself all over her fb page. Yes o have my ways of finding out shit, Im not stupid, as of right now he has to prove to me he really wants to keep me and when he returns home he has a lot more work to do and if Im not happy Im gone and the dumb bitch can have his lying cheating ass!!

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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September 17th, 2015 by admin

Sally; I am sorry I cheated with him, he told me you were dying of cancer; to just wait awhile. He asked me to visit him in Denver, Colo; Minneapolis, Minn; Keene, NH as well as Chicago over the last 3 years. While I was in Chicago; I lost my mother’s opal/diamond ring (she died in June 29, 2014) on March 13, 2015 at the home he shares with his wife Sally. All I want is my treasured heirloom ring back; do I want him h*ll no. He said he found it; he but now has changed his story several times, OF COURSE. I have written several letters to Sally, but AJ makes sure that she does not get the mail, I sent several that only she can pick up with her ID; he makes sure that she never knows about those letters. The next thing of course will be a lawsuit, which I am sure that AJ would love to avoid; he would not want me to testify in court about where I have been with him (Suppose he would lie? in court?) but then he would not want me to testify in court about when/how I lost my ring. But I have learned of his duplicity of how he has threatened me with bodily injury (all of these have been recorded and reported to police) if his wife finds out the truth about him; am I the only one he has cheated on his wife with?? Sad to say but no; he cheats on his wife at every opportunity that he can; I am just one of thousands He is on many dating websites and porn sites; on his lap top, he has a login for work and/or separate files for his tits & ass pictures. Ask him where he got his Harley-Davidson Horny Toad t-shirts, I got them for him; anything else is a lie. Ask him where he got the Chicago Fire Station shirts; I got them for him; anything else is a lie. He got a Andy Hardy white skull perfume (for you? no I didn’t like it but knew he liked the skulls); I got it for him; anything else is a lie. He was drunk in Denver, did not make it home on right flight, I should think so; he was drinking rum & Coke at 8am, yes I was there. To validate what I say is true? Ask him for his phone ……

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