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Julie Casey (Myers Maguire) – Dundalk, Maryland stabbed me in the back! In 2009 this bitch cheated on her fiance with my best friend who was married for 12 years. She was a coworker who gave him a massage for $50 and he ended up sleeping with her. That makes her a prostitute. Anyway, she was engaged to a guy with a kid already and had walked out of her first marriage of 8 years and gave up custody of her own 3 kids to “live her life” Now they get married…he worshiped the ground she walked on and gave her everything in the world. She ballooned up to 270lbs and he still loved her and was trying to help her get into shape.. she had gastric bypass surgery and is down to 140lbs or less and changed into a complete piece of shit who cheated on him and left him and his 5 kids and has never asked how they are doing. She has a bad history of getting with guys with kids and fucking their lives up…between her two marriages and her fiance she has fucked over 10 kids …. she likes to hang in the bar now and thinks shes great looking…take the clothes off and its a fucking nightmare….shes also a volunteer EMT in Baltimore so make this bitch famous folks and watch your husbands…shes a real piece of shit…now she looks like shes on drugs and strung out…a week after she walked out on my man she had a POF dating profile and a week later brought a dude to a department event and was labled a whore by members there…this bitch is easy if youre just looking for a piece of ass….

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Danielle Adams of Baltimore Maryland for being a cheater! So this so-called-women knew Mt husband and I just had our first baby . In NO way am I giving my husband an excuse but he was going through things within hinself very vulnerable and I had kicked him out until he death with those issues. I have always trusted my husband never looked at phone never asked him questions until I noticed he was talking to this trash more then just work related come to find out I call her to ask why they are talking so much donÕt u know she first lies and says weÕre just friends and THEN SAYSÓ He and I just get along great! what women says that to a manÕs wife? Then while husband was out og our home she is so dumb she flirted with him so muvh and he was in such a bad space so of course attention even from an ugly desprate thing when my husband was vulnerable she JUMPED ALL OVER HIM . My husband told me how she believed every word he said even knowing we just had a baby and we were happily married but my husband needed to work on him . She constantly text him saying how much she loves himwho the hell does that? I would NEVER EVER be with a married man the damage is not just to the other spouse thereÕs families and babies involved but women like her who I do not know women like her donÕt care. Do you know this trash even introduced her baby girl to him what did she say to her daughter hereÕs a married man with a new baby that I work with but I canÕt get my own man so here honey meet my man everything he says is true and IÕm so in love with him. When my husband came back home begged to come back there was a huge change in him. He could believe that this ugly thing was so in love with himhow she didnÕt care he was married with an infant how muvh she told him she loved himhow she brought her to her home . And now a year later IÕm so enraged not at husband bc thatÕs between he and I and I know the reason why but she makes me so so mad that there are women out there like that. Her self esteem is so so so so low and a year later she still is all over him. My husband is a service technician so he doesnÕt have to see her much at all even though she wants to SO BADÉ; but if she was somewhat of a women like he told her I donÕt want to deal with you even when it comes to work but of course she doesnÕt listen bc she is beyond obsessed with him she instead of saying to the boss Ó (husband donÕt want to put his name)and I have personal problems and it would be best if he and I did not talk and have one of the other REAL WOMEN talk to him but NOPE she is so obsessed s he wonÕt do that And when I mean ugly which she is very much so I never look at someone and say or thibk their ugly to me ugly is what is inside someone so she has a double problem ugly inside and out . And donÕt u know I know someone she knows and this is not the first time In NO WAY did she come between our marriage of course itÕs been hard never been cheated on but I have all the texts she sent him on his personal phone which she was sending from her work phone with so many I love yous and talkin horrible things abput the other women in the office which is so ironic to me bc they are all very pretty and REAL WOMEN THAT WOULD NEVER BE WITH A MARRIED MAN . IÕm so angry that there are women out there that are like this so pathetic sad they canÕt find their own man then a year later my husband says she emails him abput work when she doesnÕt need to he was at the office yesterday and she was there and he said still she trying to flirt with him anf wants to be with him so bad. I know my husband is looking for another job bc he canÕt stand her and know itÕs not fair to me. I always tell him if u want her go ahead good luck with that but I know he doesnÕt and he is so so embarrassed that he was that vulnerable to talk to her never knowing sheÕs totally in lover with her She needs serious help. She loves when she has to call him for work my husband says she does on purpose and IÕm not a vindictive person but soon as my husband finds abother job IÕm showing work all the texts she sent to him on her work phoneall the shit she talked on all the lovely real women thereall the bosses ugly sexual pictures tha will make u puke. I do not know women like this. IÕm so loyal a really good person and she enrages me like get your own man he doesnÕt want you stop being in love with him he is married .I canÕt believe there are women like this who believe every word a married man says then truly thinks they are in love with them she told him I love u like crazy who does that it was two months he was out of our home and to this day she is totally obsessed and she needs to be exposed. SheÕs lucky I donÕt send all the info fron her I have

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Jonathon Edwards (jb) stabbed me in the back. 6 kids, 6 baby mommas. Ducks anything, might duck men smh. Ladies, fellas ABORT mission
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This is an article about back stabber: Ivan Blackwell of Baltimore, Maryland
Ivan Blackwell is charming, witty, and good-looking. We met at and he asked me to be his lady friend two weeks later. Sure it was quickly, faster than i have ever been in a relationship however the chemistry was once strong and it felt proper. Except it wasnt. The connection was once almost ideal, until about 7 months in. Ivan Blackwell misplaced his job, moved out of his apartment and went to live with family, and then lost his automobile. I didnt mind any of this and used to be supportive in each way I would be, together with paying to take us out, sending Ivan Blackwell jobs, praying for him more commonly etc. On the grounds that we have been a Christian couple I prayed by and large about the relationship. Ivan Blackwells very worried in his church as good. In the future whilst he was once dozing I had a unexpected inkling to look by means of his telephone and discovered that it was once one other ladies he was once communicating with on a standard foundation all hours of the day and night. Unwell call her woman N. I didnt feel so much of woman N on the time but I did additionally observe he was talking with other ladies in a method that was incredibly inappropriate for a person who was once in a relationship to be doing. Ivan Blackwell admitted to his improper doings and apologized. Hes just right at that. Ivan additionally dissmissed girl N as only a good friend from church. As time went on he grew to become a little extra far-off, and that i caught him in a number of more little lies. I concept it was once in view that he was once discouraged about his job loss and living situation. The weekend of my birthday he told me that he was once occurring research commute for a component time job he used to head to. Ivan Blackwell stated They were going to Nebraska. I do know in my heart this was once a lie. Ivan Blackwell was once long past a week and barely known as and didnt video chat as soon as. He refused to offer me the name of the motel or send one picture of NEBRASKA. In order you guessed he on no account went to Nebraska. Ivan Blackwell helped woman N drive to Texas from MD. She was relocating. They stopped in several one of a kind states and stayed in lodges. I to find this expertise once I regarded through his mobile a second time. He deleted the whole thing, pics, name log, texts from Natalie. But Ivan Blackwell didnt delete texts from his sister and pleasant pal wherein had the whole lot in regards to the shuttle to Texas together with photos! I referred to as woman N myself and she told me her and Ivan had been living collectively for just about three years. Together with in March (after we met) through June. I went to the apartment oftentimes. She left Ivan Blackwell in June for suspected dishonest with ME! There are also many different females. He apologized and admitted to being out of manipulate. Pay attention he has no remorse!!

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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November 6th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Sabrina Selassie of Baltimore, Maryland

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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November 3rd, 2016 by admin

This article is about back stabber Chryssa Kasparian of Baltimore MD. This pig tries to pamper you with money and gifts in a desperate effort to buy your love. This may sound great, but… the wildebeest was busted and sex sucked. It gets old screwing the same cackling clown.

Luckily I got a clue just before she turned….

Once this hag decides its time to get married and you arent ready she will throw you out, slander your family and defamate your name online.

This witch is wacked! Stay away!

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October 11th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Anthony Broccolina of Baltimore, Maryland

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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