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March 24th, 2017 by admin

Olivia Hartness from Michigan, USA most definitely must be exposed for being a heartless, evil, wicked, and deceitful racist bigot whose skin color racism and devious prejudice is directly targeted towards African-American men or Black men whose skin color she greatly hates with extreme hatred which has hindered her greatly from having a serious intimate relationship with them. Therefore, Olivia Hartness must be totally denounced and greatly condemned and blacklisted for being the malicious, vindictive, spiteful, repugnant, vile, despicable, nasty, and disgusting racist bigot she most certainly indeed is.

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March 18th, 2017 by admin

Jamie Lee Daniel stabbed me in the back. Jamie lee daniel owes over 4grand for her three kids and is hiding now in Michigan some place and has two more kidÕs she is running and hiding with please help locate her and contact the police the kids she is with are in danger shes the one on the left
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February 6th, 2017 by admin

Jawuan Valentine stabbed me in the back. 8 kids 1 on the way havenÕt seen 6 of his kids in over a year
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November 8th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Doug Daigneau of Canton, Michigan
A year into our relationship Doug Daigneau was caught emailing a friend from out of state. The girl and I spent much time speaking on the phone, and it was discovered that he had claimed I had cheated on him and broke his heart. Doug Daigneau was ready to start something new with her, and could not wait to meet her. Given the fact that they did not meet up, Doug Daigneau was given a second chance. I deeply regret ever giving him the first chance, let alone a second chance. Note: Whenever Doug Daigneau was caught (or not) cheating or lying to me, he would try to make up for it with gifts or vacations. Most of the time his cheating was discovered was after a vacation he planned. His being caught was the beginning of what some would consider a cheating nightmare. It turned out that he had never broken up with the mother of his child (prior to discovering the child was not his), but she had actually been living with him up and until a month of us exclusively dating. He kicked out the mother of his child to date me. Fast forward eight years, and I cannot say much has changed with Doug. Over the last eight years, he has been caught cheating on me numerous times through craigslist, dating websites, sex websites, etc. My friends have set up secret e-mails to catch him cheating on craigslist. He is quick to tell any online stranger about his sexual experiences with men, women, cross dressers, and transgenders. The first time I caught him cheating on me with someone in person was December 2012. Doug Daigneau reconnected with me in August 2013 and we began talking, and eventually began dating again. All seemed well until September 2014, when out of nowhere, he decided to leave me. Despite me telling him I knew it was because of another girl (girl in picture), he denied it. Doug Daigneau claimed there was nobody. Two days prior to this break up, I was the love of his life, and the person he wanted.

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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October 3rd, 2015 by admin

This man is an emotional vampire! He is the biggest liar I know and he mind f****d me so bad, and left me broken! Women all over please watch for him he’s on a lot of dating sites saying he’s 31 but he’s not. He’s evil with no remorce, and is incapable of love. He just loves himself!!

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September 29th, 2015 by admin

She’s a fucking slut. Pays $1 for a gobby while working and studying at HFCC. She never has sex because she has aids. She sleeps with her dad and cousin too.

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