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May 29th, 2018 by admin

Check this out. Meet Sonja Linton Cooksey aka Sonia Mason who hails from Biloxi but currently resides outside of Dallas, TX. We just learned that this little piggy is aiding and defending a criminal who was arrested last year for indecent exposure at a movie theater when an undercover officer on duty caught the perp in the act. Her precious little pet got off with a probation and according to the state of Texas Law, the defendant has up to two convictions before a court judge can enforce a mandate for the defendant to register as sex offender. YET, after the fact, Sonja continues to glorify him in all of his sexual antics on facebook live post. Even allows him to post on live his dried up sperm he ejaculated in a dixie cup that he kept in the freezer to share with members on their facebook page. JUST SICKENING! Not to mention, she had been banned from several pages on social media. So they created their own social page for the deaf called ASL Live. We are starting to think she may be a indecent exposure sympathizer. Sonja chose to turn the other cheek with no regard for her own and anyone’s safety. A true poison to the deaf community. How does she sleep at night? DISGUSTING!

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September 18th, 2016 by admin

Here is a young man who could be a wonderful asset to society, but he just throws it away being uncouth, vulgar, classless and has no idea how to treat people especially family. He was brought up in a household that spoke like the worst truck drivers and he learned to call his extended family members “fuckin” assholes” from a very early age and continues to this day 33 years later. He is a bully and a common criminal. He presents himself as better than everyone, upstanding citizen, but nothing could be further from the truth. He has been arrested and had scrapes with the law and is a convicted felon. He thinks it is okay to call the rest of the family names and it is his unkindness that keeps the family split. There are a couple of people in the family that perpetuate this behavior and that is his grandfather on his Dad’s side and his Aunt on his Dad’s side. If you go to their houses and he is a guest, he calls us names and treats us with disrespect. Instead of asking him to leave or stop, the grandfather and aunt just sit there and say,, pay no attention to him. It makes visiting them impossible, because you n ever know when he will pop in or be there. He lives approximately 1 block from them. He is a bad example for his two children with the oldest one exhibiting the same behavior, being a bully. If you met him, you would be unimpressed by his lack of charm and intelligence. I’m still scratching my head and asking….How could the woman he married, marry him? Well, she has her own unique set of sub manners.

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September 1st, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Michael Andreassi
I met Michael Andreassi playing Game of War, lame I know. We were teammates, we became friends, and then it became a very close emotional relationship, so I thought. Now, at the start of any new relationship, when I dont know the persons inner circle and have no real way of verifying fact from fiction, I do a quick internet search. Mike came up clean. I am posting this today so that if anyone else does this, it wont come up clean. Michael Andreassi also goes by Michael Amato and Michael Lane. Mike told me he had a very close friend from high school, who travelled a lot and sometimes squatted at his house when she was in town. Her name is Christina. She was his best friend. He told me they had attempted a romantic relationship, but it was like kissing his sister, so I neednt worry about her. During the time I knew him he was the Best Man in a close friends wedding. He told me he wished I could join him at the wedding. He texted me from his hotel, wishing I was laying in bed with him. I have since learned that he was not the best man. He was the groom, and the bride was Christina. Mike and my relationship lasted just under a year. I have also learned that he nurtured up to 8 other relationships similar to the one he and I had with other women in Game of War. Many of these relationships lasted outside the game, after he suddenly quit the game this past spring. Mike is very very attentive, and seems like the perfect boyfriend. Ladies beware, not all that glitters is gold.

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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