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March 8th, 2017 by admin

Jessica Underwood stabbed me in the back. Stank pussy stank breath musty hoe, don’t know her kids father
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Joe Simmons stabbed me in the back. Joseph Jerome Simmons currently has an almost 2 year old son who lives in New Jersey with his mother. She has been a single mother since the birth of their son. Joe has brown hair and short. He drives an old black Lexus with a Carolina Panthers sticker on the back left side window. Joseph was volatile, abusive and a pathological liar. He also is a heavy drinker, gambler and professional weed smoker. Joe has a pending restraining order in New Jersey Courts he has not appeared for. He also is racking up quite a bill and arrears for backed child support. JOSEPH SIMMONS CURRENTLY OWES ALMOST $9,000. The child support is now an intergovernemtal case with Charlotte nc because that is where he lives. His known address is 3429 Byrnes St, Charlotte NC. He resides there with his new girlfriend Dana Parish and they are now expecting a baby. Joe thinks he is not obligated to pay child support and can replace his first born son with a new son and family. He strongly believes the mothers parents should be paying for his son because that is where his son and x live. Joseph Simmons makes a lot of money but gets paid under the table. He is a personal chef and assistant to CHARLES JOHNSON, a defensive end football player for the Carolina Panthers. He writes him personal checks. Joe recently was in court for driving with a suspended license, no insurance and possession of weed. The court had him right there and looked past the child support order. He lies to family, friends and strangers about his life and his son and why he doesnÕt see him. He has not seen his son since November 2014 and does not ask about him.
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March 7th, 2017 by admin

Jessica Faircloth(roach Girl) stabbed me in the back. Bitch nasty asf stayed in springwood had roaches crawling on the walls chairsÉ My question is bitch how you sleep at night???? Stop walking streets with your kids. Nobody wants you roach pussy.
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November 19th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Phillip Dolberry Orginally from North Carolina, and living in Phoenix Az
Ladies, Phillip Dolberry of Phoenix Arizona is a registered Sex Offender. Yes Convicted in 1992 for Indecent Liberties with Children Sexual Motivation. Please do not date this man, or let you children around Phillip Dolberry. This guy is a creep. Stay away from Phillip Dolberry Feel free to go to and type this guys name in that site and see what pops up.

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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November 18th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Heather Kesterson of Henrietta, North Carolina
Me and my husband of five years split up cause of drug use problems. Well in those short four months we both got involved with others but im that time we missed each other and our family.well he told Heather he was coming home so she went to charges on him to keep him under her command. Heather Kesterson hacks his Facebook and his text messages. She works in a nursing home called harris home care where she shows up high off meth and pills thats why she is going crazy an wont let him be with me and my daughter. She threats to have him in jail if he wont be with her. His family hates her as well as her family hates him. She rather chase him and dope than spend time with her own child. She wont just go away. Be aware this aint the first time she became obsessed with someone elses man. She is a liar a drug addict and user.

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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September 9th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Jessica Leeanne of Raleigh, North Carolina

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!j

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September 9th, 2015 by admin

she had met a dude and was with him for 18+ months and was supposed to marry him but her obsessive cheating, lying, cursing him, and all he decided to cheat on her. Come to find out she was texting pics to my husband while sitting in my own house with us. Our son was born December 28th 2011 and Amy was named god mother of our son. Well things were smooth or so I thought till about right around 2 weeks before August 11th, 2013. I found an old cell phone of mine and my husbands and it had an old memory card on it so I popped it in my computer. To my shock and very much surprise I found pictures of Amy everywhere. Some decent photos, some provocative, and a couple nude. I went off on them both. OF COURSE she played stupid, hurt, betrayed, and sick to her stomach and even said she felt violated. So I decided to dig deeper and found all but 3 of the photos on her Facebook page. I knew then something was funny but it didn’t hit home, mind you I have a total of 7 children here I take care of. But one of the photos was of her recently with new eye glasses. I questioned her to death. See she abandoned her kids with her mom and husband to go off partying and with several different men.
Well I waited for Tony to come home and gave him the 3rd degree and his excuse was “I don’t know how the nude pics got on that memory card but the others I did download to send to my brother to try to hook them up”. I FELL FOR IT HOOK, LINE, AND UNFORTUNATE SINKER. Then my oldest adopted daughter brought it to my attention when I talked to her about it she replied, “momma how in the hell are these pics supposed to be over 2 years old when she got those glasses right before you had the baby?” She was right! I thought to myself and decided it was time to do some investigating of my own to get the actual truth instead of their cover up stories.
As a good couple should, we know each other’s passwords to all accounts so I first logged into his twitter, found nothing so I smiled. Next I went to his Facebook and found nothing again, I smiled even more. Well I went back on hard drive on my computer and found nothing once more. Well we had been trying to sell an electric wheel chair on craigslist and we used my husband’s email address and I remembered him saying when he called me from work about a week before he was messaged about it so I decided to go and see if these people were still interested. I logged onto his Gmail account and there was 3 in boxes from and account called “mizzamymichelle13” screen named Navaeh Angel and when I opened them up but what else but Amy’s face in very seductive poses and second one a video of her playing with herself saying Tony’s name saying he knew he wanted her (to quote her words not mine but yuck) “fat p**sy”. I started shaking but as any woman, I watched the entire 45 second private porno for my husband. When it finished I started throwing up off the side of the porch and crying my eyes out. So I smoked a cigarette and decided to open the “blueeyedangel31” account screen name Amy and see what these were all about. All of them to the last inbox were seductive pics the last were just nasty pics of her naked, playing with herself, and pics of her legs spread open to see inside the “grand canyon”. I flipped starting texting my husband who was at work and calling and texting her. She said her accounts were hacked and she had to make a new one and it wasn’t her. Well my husband left work and came home early, and tried this bullshit I had her send them to see if you were snooping on my stuff since you don’t trust me. I flatly told him BULLSHIT DONT F”N LIEING TO ME AND BE HONEST FOR A DAMN CHANGE, I WOULD RATHER BE HURT BY THE TRUTH THEN LIVE LIES. Well he started crying and showed me texts on his phone where he was at work that day before and she randomly started it all texting him. Finally I read to the point she wanted pics of Tony and he said you first. She said what’s your email address and like an idiot he told her hence the reason the inbox had them in it.
Here’s the go getter, she texts him and says you have several surprises in your email inbox and they started talking about our kids. She proceeds to tell him I told her in text that when the ex got out of prison next year I was leaving my husband and going back to him. So he told her send him the messages and she said she will. Well she changes subject and tells my husband to come be with her and bring our son and him and her would raise him together. And he again asked for texts of me saying that. Well she ended the texting needless to say because that never took place and the homewrecking s*** knew it.
Granted it was both of them and she denies it my husband came clean and begged for my forgiveness. I told him we would work on it but there is no trust what so ever, and he has agreed to all my terms until trust can be rebuilt. I called and confronted her. She said he was liar and her mom is doing this all to her….my words to her “you lying c***! I guess your mom keeps videos of you playing with yourself saying my husband’s name, not so try again” She hung up and text me I had to make a choice between her or my husband. Okay I made my choice because why in the hell would my husband come completely clean did not hide nothing after busted and showed and told me stuff I didn’t even know was going on. I look at it like this, he didn’t have to show me the phone or texts; they could have been easily erased. The minute she seen from Facebook that Tony and I were working on our marriage she goes onto a page she’s administrator of and starts bashing me calling me fat, lazy, back stabber, b****, and a fake friend. She even has gone as far as threating to call child protective services to get even. Now she is staying up the road LESS than a 10th of a mile away from me and said she was coming to my house to confront my husband and call him a liar and if I wanted some she would give it to me.
Well to this day she hasn’t stepped outside of that door way. I don’t just blame her and I know my husband is guilty as well but he came clean and wants our family, and she even sent him a text 2 days later saying “I see you chose her over me” wtf really. I wanted to post this and warn the nation of how she is and if she does me this way and I was supposed to be my best friend and like a sister by another mother I can only imagine what she will do to others.

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