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July 6th, 2018 by admin

Mary Jo Glenn – Throop, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This ugly ass woman here has mental issues. She has been stalking my husbands Facebook page and sending him messages and their not even friends. She even told him go on his page so he can see what she looks like. This woman needs to get a life. Sorry not sorry you ugly ass bitch!!!!

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June 24th, 2018 by admin

Lorri Sarkisian – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! She knew he was married from the moment they met and she slept with him anyway…. repeatedly! Always had harsh, hateful words to his wife, who she NEVER MET!!!!! Had the AUDACITY to call his wife white trash, a country bumpkin, a freeloader and a low class bitch. Pot calling the kettle black much????? Rot in hell you whore!!!!!

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June 19th, 2018 by admin

Kimberly williams – Allentown, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! Kimberly williams,,lives in Allentown..and is an Ugly,, Arrogant,, Sidechic..with Nothing else better to do. She has 2 KIDS..and needs to Get a MAN,,But she claims to have ONE of her own..If she had ONE,,,she wouldn’t of been F*** Mine,, ain’t no telling how,,long she been doing That.. Guess she tried to Steal Him,,but her attempt Failed,,Cuz I Put Him out for TRASH,,before she could Steal him…And YESSS…she knew HE was my MAN..She saw us going out for Dinner…She is extremely jealous,, Arrogant,, Immature..and Desperate for Someone to HIT someone put it..Bitch Get a MAN,,UGly,, Ugly You are..both inside and outside…

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June 13th, 2018 by admin

Nate Gibbs (changed his name after he was exposed for his BS last summer), better known as Nate Biggz Gibson, by way of West Philadelphia, Overbrook High School! Same stuff as before – he’s a liar and deceives women by removing his condom while having sex with them. This 400lb fuck with a 3” dick says, “turn around”, while he removes his condom! He is vile! He is also a graduate of Mansfield University, member of Phi Beta Sigma – Kappa Mu Chapter (Menace), and he is an educator! Go figure! I can’t believe Mansfield University recognized this filth! Unbelievable! The metoo movement is real and it’s never too late to expose the men who take advantage of women!

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June 10th, 2018 by admin

Ken Sines – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! Ken Sines and Kelly Sines are local swingers and part of the STARunderground podcast crew. Ken showcases his Godzilla fetish on his personal Facebook page (public picture) and on his swinger Twitter feed (profile picture), @SU_CaptainJake – aka Jake Harkness.; Is it a coincidence Kelly’s middle name is Renee and her alter ego is Renee Harkness – aka @SU_LadyRenee? He is careless by posting about their birthday festivities on his swinger Twitter feed. I would categorize his drinking and sexual priorities as those unbecoming a parent. Why do swingers put personal and identifiable information on the internet for everybody to see? The pictures show how careless these two are with personal details and information across personal and swinging social media platforms.

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May 29th, 2018 by admin

Tammy has mental problems and is a home wrecker. She chases men and stalks them. She breaks up relationships and is always some man’s “side woman”.

Since she stalks men and wrecks homes, men need to be careful with her. Her mental outbursts are pitiful and scary.

Tammy Reisler is in her late 40’s and is from Oxford, Pennsylvania. It’s best to avoid this home wrecker.

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April 29th, 2018 by admin

Macayla Ann Pisor – Shippenville,, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! She has no remorse for sleeping with my husband while I was home prego.

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April 28th, 2018 by admin

She told me that we were lovers / best friends for life. Then I found out that she was banging most of my friends just to “get rid of me”.
She got caught blowing my friend behind the porta potty at a party (My place) with over 100 guests present. Two weeks later she showed up smelling like strange(not mine) sperm on her breath and in her hair. When I asked her about it she claimed that it was coconut oil that I smelled.

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April 27th, 2018 by admin

Kayla marie evarts – Scranton hilltop, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This girl has left her children for more then 3 months now is dating other men and having her fun doesn’t even care about her 3 children what kinda mother leaves her children and don’t even call to check up on them I’m sure you can imagine with this girls background she is a piece of low life trash more interested in impressing boys on Instagram with her fake make up she’s on Instagram posting pics 24 7 makeupbykaylaxo

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April 22nd, 2018 by admin

Jennifer Boore – Allentown, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This is Jennifer Boore from Allentown Pennsylvania 45yrs old she lives with a man named Bob who is on disability so if you know Bob let him know his girlfriend is a home wrecking slut. She started talking to my husband in words with friends her screen names was Pooks 72 but she now has changed it because I sent her messages. Anyways she knew he was married with kids and still wanted to meet him and marry him. my husband just happened to be going to Virginia in December 2016,and he drives in Pennsylvania so she said I’ll rent a hotel room for is so they could meet and have sex. This slut even told her mother about my husband and how he was leaving me and the kids and they were getting married and would be together on New Years because he was leaving me after Xmas. Her mother was happy for her she must be Home wrecker slut to bc what mother would agree that it was ok to sleep with a married man, and ruin a family!!! Jennifer likes to call her nasty pussy Athena. She isn’t even woman enough to talk to me when they got caught. She likes getting fucked in the ass, and giving blow jobs. When I caught my husband we decided to stay together he called her and told her she was a mistake and loved his wife and kids and wanted to stay with his family. She knew she couldn’t call him so she had her sister call his cell saying it was Athena! Beware if your husband/boyfriend plays words with friends if you know Bob let him know she said he had a small dick, and only is with him to pay the bills. I have the screen shoots for him to see to.

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