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May 13th, 2017 by admin

This woman chase after married men, because she can’t get her whole. She send pictures of people kids and videos. She record her friends, while they are changing their clothes. she meet men online giving them all her real life in front. She been known to steal credit card info, and used them. She play a virtual game and stay online 24/7, she doesn’t shower. She says her pussy is wet when it really yeast. She need to learn to clean her cunt. She has one night stands. She chases after taken men, begging them to be with her. She pretends to be so holy and christian, while really is a down low lesbian. Shes abusive, she let her dog lose and them didn’t care where he was to find out another bigger dog started attacking it. She would have her dog lick her kitty cat, to get rid of the yeast. Her dog later died from a digestive infection, 6 month later after sharing this info. She is known for acts of fraud. She owe Student loans and financial AID. She plays on a game called Second Life, where she lies and fucks people over there and steal money. She scammed she owed linden labs 4,000 dollars and had stole credit card on her account. she admitted to steal 3 of her exs info. she used her dead real life fiance’s info weeks after he died, then week to a motel with a man she met at a club having sex with him the same night. Shes a fat sloppy whore, who get on cam with men and women she meet online. She sent her mom work, cell and house numbers to strangers over the internet. She sleeps online, on voice and get up first thing in the morning back online playing on a game. She sleep with her in world Roleplay father behind his wife her roleplay mother’s back. She has kids with him. She’s on a sugar daddy site, looking to be taken care of, you can find her profile on the site called Seeking arrangement. She Doesn’t know what a yeast infection looks like saying “Oh look I’m wet” nah bitch you need a doc. She posts people phone number and bank info online. She don’t work she lives off her aging mother, disrespecting her, lying and stealing from her mom as well. Her mom give her money to help pay her bills and gas, she uses it to buy food, she love to stuff her mouth. If you’re a taken man or lesbian looking for a fake homophobia on the DL themselves this is your to go to slut. If you ever get on secondlife her username is Lovely.Viridis, she will to do anything for a fast buck.

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December 16th, 2016 by admin

This is an article about back stabber: Kenny Park
I met Kenny Park in online internet dating site. Once he secured the dating relationship, he started asking for money when he has a chance. I was scammed by his manipulation that he would remodel my kitchen cabinets. Kenny Park demanded that the check amount $4200.00 had to be payable to only his name. Money was given to him, but nothing was done. Since then, he has changed his phone number, blocked me from texting and emailing him. He has completely disappeared. Kenny Park phone number and email are 703 451 7307, and [email protected] .

This person is a back stabber because of relationship infidelity. Cheater!!

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May 9th, 2016 by admin

This Back Stabbing Cop will screw your wife while your at work while cheating on his own. He’s so full of himself like a kid with a shiny new badge. He Knows nothing and is very vain and self serving. Feels entitled to have sex in the workplace. Has had sex at The Canadian Autombile association As well as In his cruiser as a cop while on duty in Ottawa. Beware of these Narcissist who try to come off as nice people but only are thinking of what they can take from
You to fulfill their ego gratification. His wife must have horrible self esteem issues to stay with such a fake degenerate loser

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