Christiana Pacheco of Baton Rouge Louisiana

Christiana Pacheco of Baton Rouge Louisiana for being a cheater! This is Christina! She ran off with her pregnant stepdaughters boyfriend! I mean she help raise the girl for 12 years! DonÕt get it twisted The girl is better off with out him but still! And I guess now she has gotten board with living with her toy and his dad! Now she has a new target! And from what I gathered it want be the first time she has messed with this guys relationship! Poor guy People lie but numbers never will And by my count in less then a year she has damaged 5 committed relationships! It seem she want what other females has and when she finally get it she decide they are no longer worth the trouble or has come across another happy couple that has what she want!! So watch out because if she can run off with her stepdaughter s boyfriend then no one is safe.

February 19th, 2018 by
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