Courtney Letts, Northern Lash Skin Boutique

So when I first started seeing my husband about 6 years ago 7 years ago he had previously broken things off a couple years prior with a girl named Courtney Letts. She finds out that we are dating and all of a sudden she is very very interested in him again. She had planned to cheat on her fiance with him by making a trip down here to Colorado from Alaska but after he and I had been dating for a couple months he told her he would be unable to meet her when she was due to come down. This infuriated her because she was h**l-bent on cheating on her fiance with him. I put her in her place and did not hear anything from her until the middle of the night Wednesday this past week and this cockroach is back. I found in my husband’s phone plans that they have been making to take my daughter from my care up to Alaska and make a family together with her children even though she is currently married. This stupid w**** will not go away and I’m sure she got on our Facebook Business site to get his phone number because he has not had the same number since the last time they talked 6 years ago and he surely did not have hers. Please feel free to tell this b**** how you feel about home Wreckers and cheaters and kidnappers if you would like here is her phone number 907 301-4187

April 15th, 2018 by
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