Darren Ambler- Con-Man- Sex Predator/Addict-Playboy/Backstabber/ STD's Cherry Hill- New Jersey:

Darren Ambler is a pathetic human being. He is a Pathological sick Liar and Sexual Predator-Addict who will use, abuse, back-stab, ridicule anyone with no after thought or remorse. Darren Ambler has no MORALS, CONSCIENCE, CLASS, BREEDING, MANNERS, SOCIAL GRACE OR CARE FOR ANYONE BUT HIS HOMELY- DERANGED SELF…
Darren Ambler is a single (Divorced) 40-41 year old Anti-Social Liar and SEXUAL Predator. He has used countless females for Sex Pleasure- Oral Sex- Pornography- Sick Vulgar Sex games, Bondage and other sick sexual actions. Darren Ambler is Deranged, a Pathological Selfish Liar who wants Sex- Oral Sex- and a Sex slave that he can control to do whatever the UGLY -Deranged creep wishes. Is seriously Mentally Deranged. A former Junkie “Drug Addict” turned Sex Addict. I learned his former wife took off. No wonder- My God who could stand this anti-social skinny sexual pervert.
This Selfish Predator Stalked me Used me and demanded Sick Sexual acts. If I refused Darren would threaten and force me to act accordingly. He loved Sex in odd places like in the car- in the closet- the shower etc..A very evil and sick human being. I also learned Darren Ambler is an Internet Stalker of sorts. I will have to go back and read the article.
==================================Darren had a secret Sex liasion with me beginning in 2016. I found out later that the UGLY SKINNY Jerk with Zero personality cheated on me and lied repeatedly. Darren is Probably Bi-Polar and definitely Pathological. His specialties are kinky sex- Oral Sex and Gross positions that only a hooker would agree to.
==================================Darren Ambler has had sex with Hookers- and females with low moral standards. Darren has NO Morals- Class- Manners- Ediquette or anything appealing. He is UGLY as mud also. Anti-social and extremely cheap. My God do not ever tell this sex creature he is ever wrong he goes wild. He has serious Mental problems but will never admit he has any issues. A big LOSER.
In addition to Prostitutes and ex hookers Darren forced a helpless 67 year old female into a sex relationship. This JERK is 40 years old why is he screwing an old lady? A women probably his mothers age. Because he is desperate and will screw anyone to satisfy his selfish compulsive sexual needs.
Through his careless Sex practices- Darren Ambler gave me an STD. I have been ill for months because of this LIAR SCUM. I am also subject to reoccurring Yeast Infections with discharge because of this infected scum bum. This Liar Sex creep belongs in JAIL. He has no conscience or care for anyone but himself. No one decent would give creepo the time of day. I was vulnerable when I met this deranged stalker. Darren controls vulnerable females through SEX. Some very bad sex I might add. Darren needs Male enlargement pills and a Face transplant to make himself at least somewhat attractive. I hate UGLY and INSECURE men. Darren is quite insecure and ha no common sense.
Please ladies avoid this Sex pervert at all costs. Call POLICE if Darren Ambler stalks or pursues you for SEX. Watch your Grandmothers also. Darren sleeps with anyone he can get (Desperate). Probably suffers from split personality syndrome.
BEWARE stay safe- Ignore this UGLY insecure Predator. You may save your life. Darren Ambler doe snot have a decent bone in his skinny body. Most people know what he is and want no part of him. Darren Ambler now lives at 13 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- NJ …He works for Express RX=Medco as a Pharmacist I think. He never discussed work much just SEX SEX SEX SEX ORAL SEX and more SEX. A sick human being.

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