Erica Brooke Olivarez of Cuero Texas

Erica Brooke Olivarez of Cuero Texas for being a cheater! My husband first encountered this home wrecking trash on a jobsite that he was working on when a company that subcontracts for his company hired her as a secretary in the spring of 2015 . I wasnÕt even aware of her until one night very late my husbands phone was going off and I opened it to find nude photos of a woman I had never seen before .So I began to snoop through his messages and found out that they had been meeting at various hotels around the area as well as by the river on the way to and from work for sex. I also found out that she was claiming to be pregnant with his child and was asking him what she should do. I also found text messages that implied that he had been paying her for sex as well as giving her gifts in exchange for sexual favors although he denies it . I later found out that my husband was not the only one she had been having a sexual relationship with and that she had also been sleeping with multiple guys from multiple companies that had work on the same site . Last I heard she had been fired or quit her job but be aware ladies she is still in the area and looking to get her hooks into someone elses husband. She goes by many names and I only found her real name out after I looked her up on Facebook.

April 18th, 2018 by
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