Greg / Gregory Osborne, Florida

I fell for his charm and sad back story. He made it seem like the world was stacked against him. He warned me about this site, and had what seemed like legitimate justification for his jail time.
He’ll tell you about his squirrels and that’ll make you believe his sweet side, so you’ll want to give in.
He lies and manipulates literally everything. He will make you feel bad, twist the story, try to talk you in circles. Within days he had hacked all my stuff. Had passwords to my entire life and refused to stop. He admitted to all of this! Showed up at my house in the middle of the night because he doesn’t ever sleep. Took a pic outside my house and sent it to me, to show he would show up whenever/wherever. I didn’t tell him my house address… just a general idea of where I lived.
He threatened to hurt me. Threatened to hurt someone else if I was with anyone. Was obsessed with me potentially “cheating”. We only hung out twice! Told me he loved me. Wanted to marry me. Told me that he told his mom about me and she wanted to rent us her condo on the beach.
I got the police involved because I am legitimately scared for my life. Never again. I met him on Tinder and he admitted to being on all the other dating sites.

April 7th, 2018 by
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