Heather N. Leigh (Psycho w***e), California

If you been searching dating & hook-up sites over the last 15 years in Arizona or San Diego and you like white fat a** snowbunny’s then you probably came across my HO Heather Leigh. It’s cool if a b**** f***s for party favors and then hits up 5 other n****s. I don’t give a s***. It’s all good in the game. But when this b**** got some white boy she tellin she gonna marry then messing with my s*** when I got cops asking me about the b**** and I got n****s I don’t even kno waiting outside my work and talking to my main woman. Ima just say it once, b**** if you a ho and running game then good for u. But when yo game f*** up my life u better believe it’s comin back. I don’t need white boys using they friends to f*** up my s*** and if u got issue being a ho and get off f****n my black d*** and then making ya boy come at me then it’s comin to your front door i white ho snowflake fat b****. Ima post video of u beggin my boys to f*** u in yo a** and hope all yo people see it. And if u see ur white dudes then tell them u a Ho before I pay for u being a devil with a big fat a**. If fat white b****** could bring down a brother then they would. U can’t. U less than a Ho. Heather N. Leigh and your fake a** names will all go to h**l. If I had favors right now you would get a train from all my boys and love it. U livin a lie and if u gettin Me jumped u get press on the web b****

April 7th, 2018 by
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