Helin Palani – London, United Kingdom

Helin Palani – London, United Kingdom stabbed me in the back! This cheating slut can not stick to just one man. She uses her looks and body to get guys to fall in love with her. Then she cheats on them because she’s a cock addict. She sends nudes to multiple guys. She especially loves black guys. Earlier this year she was exposed on myex.com for being a cheating BBC addict. Since then she deleted her social media and even changed her hair colour to blonde. But it’ll take more than that to escape her true whore nature. She is Kurdish-Norwegian but currently living in North London and studies Psychology at Middlesex Universify. Guys need to be careful about this slut. She’s good for a one night stand but don’t try and make this hoe into a housewife.

April 12th, 2018 by
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