JACK SPANOS – Jefferson co, West Virginia

JACK SPANOS – Jefferson co, West Virginia stabbed me in the back! This dumbass has been married twice, and cheated in both marriages. Currently married to myself since 2012. BIGGEST REGRET IN MY LIFE IS MEETING THIS DOUCHE BAG!! Avoid him at all costs, LITERALLY!! He is NO good. Just google him if you don’t believe me… he will NEVER amount to anything except as a waste of space. I hope no other poor soul falls for his dumbass looks & stupid charm. Btw, he’s broke. 30 living at home; a roach & flea infested trailer thats rotting inside out, living pay check to paycheck that amounts to maybe 130 a week hardly taking care of his kids, well the 1 he has left anywho, tired of wasting time writing this please, JUST AVOID THIS FOOL!!!!; you have been warned

April 14th, 2018 by
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