Jade Prickett Harbin – Perry, Georgia

Jade Prickett Harbin – Perry, Georgia stabbed me in the back! This woman’s family was originally white trash. Her father, Lyman Prickett of Lyman Prickett Farms on Highway 247 South in Perry, Ga sold his land to Frito Lay because he was an uneducated farmer so his family could move out of the single wide they lived in. She used to have sexual relationships with black men when she was in high school. She is the definition of a cruel human being & will make comments to people that drive them to suicide & actually be proud of herself. She also has threesomes with Diana Rice Roberts of Warner Robins, Ga who happens to also be married, & random black men. Her mother would & should be ashamed of her daughter’s actions. If I would have been allowed to ever have children, I’d never want my child to turn out to be like these vile creatures that call themselves bookkeepers & accountants. Jade & Diana may have sex with their boss in downtown Perry. Everyone should stay clear of these evil women at all costs!!! They will intentionally ruin your life!

May 6th, 2018 by
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