Jaime Anne Welty Snelling

Beware of Jaime Anne Welty aka Jaime Anne Snelling. She lives in Ramona and Mira Mesa. she has 5 children by 4 different men. if she likes you she will purposely get pregnant to trap you and to continue to get government assistance. She has no friends or family members that speak to her because she is a negative bitter person who possibly has a mental disorder. She will try to commit suicide if you leave her and is an ex-cocaine user. If you anger her she will get a temporary restraining order on you (apparently you can get a TRO on anyone in this state with no proof at all). she will call your place of work and threaten to do you harm. She also has herpes (ive attached proof). ALL of her kids have been taken away from her (if CPS reports were public record I would have attached on here as well just to prove im telling the truth). she has an 18 yr old daughter that lives 15 miles from her and she doesn’t even bother to contact her. her own mother doesn’t speak to her. why anyone would want to be with this slob I have no idea, you have been warned!

June 28th, 2018 by
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