Jamie Jo Brinkman, churdan, Iowa

Jamie Jo Brinkman stabbed me in the back. Currently, this person is residing in Churdan, Iowa. She is a con and scammer. She has stolen, lied, cheated and scammed her way from South Dakota to Virginia Beach and back again.; She uses multiple aliases as listed below.; Be forewarned when attempting to deal with this person. When confronted about ANY of her LIES she becomes extremely defensive, violent, and WILL threaten you with legal action if you say anything. This is bullcrap since she cannot file ANYTHING in a court since she would be exposed as a LIAR, THIEF and SCAMMER.; Here are the current aliasesÉ..; Jamie Jo Brinkman, Jamie Jo Brinkman-Corne, Jamie Jo Lambertz, Jaime Brinkman, Jamie Hruska, Menomi Smith, Jamie Smith, Beth Merylind, Beth M., Liam Boynton, Jamie Dusanka, Jamie Boynton, Jamie Jo Boynton, Jama Boynton, House of Boynton
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