Jen Houk (Jennifer L Houk) – Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania

Jen Houk (Jennifer L Houk) – Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This skanky homewrecking whore’s name is Jen Houk. Just because I was mad at my wife and disrespected my marriage didnt give her the right to act the way she did. I used you as a distraction from my problems at home and a way to say fuck you to my wife and what I thought was her controlling me. Worst mistake I ever made was getting involved with her and treating the best thing I ever had in my life like shit. She was loyal, faithful, kind, generous but I couldnt see it because this whore couldnt say no to a married man. I would have never been with you and it was wrong to allow you to think so. My wife deserved better than that. I knew from day one you was a no good white trash of a whore when I told you how I felt about my marriage but instead of you telling me to go home to my wife you chose to give me your address and offer me a place to stay. You chose to give me your phone number and tell me to put it in my phone under a guys name because I told you my wife snoops through my phone. You chose to repeatedly ask me to lunch and allow me to kiss you at them. I didnt want to go, I thought if I went you would shut up about it. I only kissed you to show you how much I didnt want your ugly fat slut ass and which by the way if you wasnt such a whore you would have noticed I didnt have any feelings behind it. But what jen Houk wants Jen Houk gets you didnt care who you had to destroy to get it. You chose to keep making plans for. I should have stopped you. My mistake I will forever have to live with, not once did I agree to them though.You chose to repeatedly invite me to your house, offer to pay for a hotel so we could have sex. Didnt me keep saying thats never gonna happen get through to you? No not a whore like you.What man truly wants to be with a whore when he has a good woman at home? NOT ME. I was only looking for someone to talk to, what I should have done was look at my wife not a whore. I know I was stupid for talking to you about my problems but you will always be a no good white trash whore. who tried to destroy not only my marriage but the one person who didnt deserve it. Nobody truly wants you for you.When my wife confronted you, you played innocent and acted like you did nothing wrong, YOU LIED TO HER. You made it out to be like I was the only one doing the pursuing. Trying to make yourself out to be some kind of angel. A church going, good Christian person who cant say no because you are too nice this way. HOW about just saying NO, PERIOD. You think going to church on Sunday exhonerates you from being a whore all week long? I know I think differently, Im sure God does too, now everyone else will.

April 24th, 2018 by
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