jenna eisenberg – Portland, Oregon

jenna eisenberg – Portland, Oregon stabbed me in the back! This is Jenna Eisenberg the alleged “homewrecker” by sara Fithian. Your accusations are false and you know it! Your husband was a regular at the strip club i bartended at where he spent all of his free time away from you. He lied to me and said you guys were seperated because you became ugly and obese and he wasn’t attracted to you anymore. He stayed with you to co parent to be a good father. When i found out he lied i left and have moved on. You told me you knew of multiple women he cheated on years before you had a child so stop using that as an excuse! I feel bad for women like you that are so insecure that they keep taking there man back after he continues to cheat, it sickens me!! I’m sorry you feel you have to lie, but i enjoyed being spoiled by your husband nick pleasure with your credit card and in bed. Look at the picture i mean who would you choose. Enjoy your miserable life hun!

July 9th, 2018 by
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