Jennifer Boore – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Jennifer Boore – Allentown, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! This is Jennifer Boore from Allentown Pennsylvania 45yrs old she lives with a man named Bob who is on disability so if you know Bob let him know his girlfriend is a home wrecking slut. She started talking to my husband in words with friends her screen names was Pooks 72 but she now has changed it because I sent her messages. Anyways she knew he was married with kids and still wanted to meet him and marry him. my husband just happened to be going to Virginia in December 2016,and he drives in Pennsylvania so she said I’ll rent a hotel room for is so they could meet and have sex. This slut even told her mother about my husband and how he was leaving me and the kids and they were getting married and would be together on New Years because he was leaving me after Xmas. Her mother was happy for her she must be Home wrecker slut to bc what mother would agree that it was ok to sleep with a married man, and ruin a family!!! Jennifer likes to call her nasty pussy Athena. She isn’t even woman enough to talk to me when they got caught. She likes getting fucked in the ass, and giving blow jobs. When I caught my husband we decided to stay together he called her and told her she was a mistake and loved his wife and kids and wanted to stay with his family. She knew she couldn’t call him so she had her sister call his cell saying it was Athena! Beware if your husband/boyfriend plays words with friends if you know Bob let him know she said he had a small dick, and only is with him to pay the bills. I have the screen shoots for him to see to.

April 22nd, 2018 by
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