This woman will try to fuck your man right from under you in your face, by any means necessary. She will give you her sons clothes, spend HER husband money on your man, try to get in your head and cause issues in your own relationship. She’s know around town as the Paedegat Gym rat from the PacPlex. The trainers there said she will pop her pussy for any man that will touch her knee (known to be easy and trifling). Be careful of this woman. Oh btw this picture was a picture she was wearing trying to seduce another woman husband and got caught and blasted on facebook with receipts! The sad part this was her son sweater and she tried to give it to another woman husband wearing no clothes under it. She sat at home cooking meals to bring to gym for another woman husband while she got a husband at home herself! LOL Bitch is clown!

May 29th, 2018 by
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