Jim Auge, Orlando, Florida

Jim Auge stabbed me in the back. This poor excuse of a man has been completely absent from his only daughterÕs life since 1999 (she was 2 when they last saw each other). He abused her and her mother up until the day he left and owes more than 120K in child support. The only time he reaches out to his daughter is when he needs money or just wants to start unnecessary drama. HeÕs also abused other women since leaving in 1999. He lives in his motherÕs house and has never had a job. His mother lives in constant fear of him, and because of this, his daughter has never been able to have a relationship with her grandmother due to fear of him finding out and hurting one of them. HeÕs the biggest scumbag to ever walk this earth and to make it all worse, he does nothing but party and travel to party more. If you want to see his bullshit excuse for a life yourself, his instagram account is @hapahaolesurfer_.
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March 7th, 2017 by
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