Jimmy “dean” simmons, Texas

I was seeing this dude off and on for a long while. S*x was freaking amazing all of the sudden he stopped calling and I became a booty call when he got p****d at his new chick which was his high school sweetie. He takes off marries her and out of the blue starts texting sexting exchanging dirty pics with me. We hook up many times and he tells me how bad his marriage is and how she don’t put out and she has a terminal illness and when she cranks we can be together along with our kid and be a happy family. she finds some pics and texts and calls me turns my life upside down he refused to talk to me in front of her but tells me he will fix it. His cheating lying a** is still with her. Stay away from POF and craigslist he picks up women from there. He worked for state Texas but I fixed that LMAOOOOO

April 12th, 2018 by
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