Jody (Avery) Enderby from Tacoma, Washington

My ex boyfriend and I met Dec 2008. He was divorced with a 12 yr old son. We dated 1 1/2 years before moving into together April 2012 much to the dismay of his ex wife. She started from the time she knew we were seeing each other causing problems. She would cuss me out, threaten me, spread rumors about me, etc. My bf was very happy with me and just ignored her crap. She never gave up. Things were great between my bf and I despite all the crap from his ex. Anyway, she started really causing more problems in March 2013 when his oldest son was getting married. This is not their son together but from his first marriage. All of us were invited to attend. During cocktail hour, she would be hide behind pillars and yell out so everyone can hear…”I love you Jody”. During the reception, she would follow making nasty remarks, asking him to dance, etc. She would come up to him, put her arms around him, slap him on his ass, fondle his face all in front of me and his family. Well, he went to say to say goodbye to his ex sister in law as they were ready to leave. His ex ran over, again was all over him, and he put his arm around her. When he removed his arm from her, she smacked him on his ass again.

Anyway, since the wedding they have been emailing, texting, talking on the phone and he would start going over to her house more and more. I would come home from work and he would be laying on the bed, talking, laughing with her on the phone. He would bring home work and go into the bedroom to work but he spent more time talking on the phone with her. We would get into an argument over this. He starting to “confide” in her. He would start arguments just to go over to her house. This was going on til Nov 2013. One night we had dinner, watched a movie, made passionate love, made plans for the next day after work. He said good night, I love you and see you in the morning. The next morning, he just wasn’t himself. I asked him if he was feeling ok and he said yes. Asked him if he slept ok and he said yes. I got up, fixed his breakfast, packed his lunch for work and when I went back into the living room, he looked like he was deep in thought. Asked him if something was going on at work that was bothering him. He said just the normal stuff. About 15 minutes later he called me into the bedroom and said he wanted to talk. He told me that he no longer wanted the relationship. Boy was it like getting hit in the face with a brick. He said that he wasn’t happy and he needed his freedom. From that day, he started spending more time over at her house. He spent every Saturday there, we never went out after that. We fought all the time until we split up Aug of 2014. He had admitted cheating on me but he said not with her, Well, he did, maybe not physically but emotionally .He used to say that he went over to her house because of the fighting. He couldn’t see that the arguments was because of the hurt, betrayal, lies, cheating that he had done He says that I did nothing wrong in our relationship because I was a loving, caring, attentive girlfriend.

After I moved out, he cleared out the apartment and moved back in with his ex. Both are at fault here, just not him. He should have never involved her in our relationship. He should have come and talked to me about the way he was feeling. Going to her he knew that she would do anything possible to make sure we broke up.

t has only been 6 months, but I am slowly healing over this. I am seeing a counsellor to help me heal. I had attempted suicide 3 times over him. If it wasn’t for my family and friends, I would not be here today to share my story It is a shame that I am still in love with this man, but I know that I can not have him back into my life to disrupt it again. He gave up a diamond to chase the rock he left behind. He wanted to live in the past instead of his present and future. They deserve each other,.

Ladies beware, He is a smooth talker, knows how to get a woman to fall in love with him, but he will always go back to his ex Save your heart, mind and self esteem by avoiding him. He currently lives in Forest Grove OR. He works for Intel in Hillsboro.

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