John Edward Fahey – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

John Edward Fahey – Pawtucket, Rhode Island stabbed me in the back! this is about Katrina Castro and John Fahey. For any married woman with 3 children to look me in my eyes shake my hand knowing she is fucking my husband. So her husband is in the couch boy toy in her bed great healthy way to raise kids. Well they both lied from the jump and now I am the asshole. Nope I have 6 years to a drunk who pissed all over me, smashed our houses, broke into my car flattened my tires, and always begged me to back when I wanted to leave. I gave him and his family the world. I took care of my father in law while john fahey was to busy getting drunk yelling at his step dad to leave him alone. He has his own kids he only bothers with every 4 years. And has every excuse not to be a father. If you got time to cheat, play flag fb, coach her kids, face time her. But yet you never have time or money for them. Oh and all the trips to where they live and you never have the $ or time for them. Well keep up the excuses cause your famous saying. Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad. Well look in the mirror oh yeah I forgot you learnt all your lying cheating bullshit was from your mother who laid on her dead husband she left for his brother in law. Your uncle and god father crying please wake up please wake up I will come home. See he was good enough to raise her two boys when he had money and the minute he needed her gone. So anyway if anyone knows either of these people they are trash and trash belongs at the dump.

July 6th, 2018 by
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