Joshua Kerr, Alaska

I have known Josh Kerr since he was a small child, and what I can tell you about him is that he has never grown up. He’s a special kind of person, someone who had a screwed up childhood so he takes it out on every human being he spends any significant amount of time with. When his dad and mom divorced, he decided that was his excuse to behave badly and treat good people like s***-forever.
He is one of the most immature people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. He is rude, childish, feels sorry for himself, has no moral compass, is extremely uneducated, willfully ignorant, foolish, a drunken loser, and he can’t keep a girlfriend-because he likes to get drunk and beat on women. He has an ugly, disgusting heart. He abuses his relationship with his father. He manipulates his dad into paying his bills, buying him food, and if his dad decides to date someone? Josh does whatever it takes to break up the relationship. If that relationship takes way from him in any way, he becomes jealous and vengeful. Much like a small child would. He is 32 years old and he will be this way until his dad dies. His dad allows it and he and Josh have a sick, sadistic relationship. They both hate women, and will do whatever it takes to ruin an innocent woman.
You can’t trust either of them. I promise that if you get involved with these two, you will live to regret it. You know the Subaru Josh drives, with the seemingly out-of-place NRA license plate holder? That’s there because it was never intended for the driver of that car. Josh’s dad, Glen Kerr, bought that car for a woman he said he was in love with and “married” to. Josh convinced Glen to throw that woman out, so he could get the car. And Glen did, he threw that woman out on the street because Josh manipulated him to do so. Of course, Glen allowed it, because he and Josh are really two peas in a pile of manure. Losers at life who hate women and get off on abusing them and trying to ruin them. Josh would never intentionally own a Subaru. That is too intelligent of a choice for him to make. Josh doesn’t make wise decisions, and he never has. His dad finances the vehicle and pays the car note.
Josh and Glen have a large, extended family in Alaska who can’t stand either of them. Some of Glen’s family has done very well, and didn’t make the poor choices he made, and he hates it. He hides in the woods because of it. He brags and boasts about his land, he has a one-room cabin in Trapper Creek that is utterly worthless. He owns land with his sister, and he behaves as if the land only belongs to him. It’s all he can really lay claim to, as he owns nothing and has zero assets, because all he has ever done is p*** his money down the drain. Josh and Glen are right-wing, gun-slinging, uneducated rednecks, who like to run their mouths about their beliefs that are completely unfounded and unoriginal. Glen twists the bible to make excuses for his behavior, and Josh runs his mouth about all kinds of stupidity because he is willfully ignorant. Neither of them have an education, which is something they are proud of. These two are total losers.
My last encounter with Josh was my trying to help him wean off of alcohol in 2015. He had recently beaten his girlfriend, and wanted to quit drinking. I had a prescription for diazepam. I tried to help him. I was nice to him. What a mistake that was. The next thing I knew, he accused me of using Glen, so Glen threw me out of the house and took the car away. I ended up in a women’s shelter. I wasn’t there long, but I never should have ended up there in the first place.
What did I take away from this experience? Stop hanging out with losers. Since I stopped allowing negative, toxic people into my life, things have dramatically improved for me. I live a happy life in Minnesota with my new husband and 2 year old baby boy. I have everything I ever wanted out of life, and more. I won. I overcame the situation, moved on, created something good. And those two? Still running their mouths and hating women. They will never do anything productive with their lives. I just want women to know who they are involved with. Stay away from these losers. By the way, Josh can’t have children. He only has one t******e.

April 12th, 2018 by
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