Karenn Miranda (Karenn Sanchez) – Fayetteville, North Carolina

Karenn Miranda (Karenn Sanchez) – Fayetteville, North Carolina stabbed me in the back! Karenn Miranda (formerly Karenn Sanchez from Mexicali, Baja California), who just became a specialist in the Army on April 1, 2017, slept with my very married husband of 10 years. They were together for four months. She plays the “I’m suicidal, so feel sorry for me” card and cuts herself in very visible places for attention. She claimed that she was raped and lost her baby, but everyone knows that she was NOT raped and that she had an abortion after a one-night stand with someone who told her he wouldn’t be with her (most likely because he, too, was married). This little skank – and my scummy soon-to-be ex-husband – exchanged text messages about being in love and fooling around with each other while my “husband” was supposed to be spending time with our son and when he was coming home and fucking me.; She is a liar and an attention whore, and if you’re stationed at Ft. Bragg, watch out for this crazy little heiffer. In addition to some of the most atrocious eyebrows I’ve ever seen, this chunky little junior soldier has this thing for men who are in a relationship (mine wasn’t the first she broke up – she did it to one of her peers, as well) and tries to get them to feel manly by pretending she’s suicidal.; None of her sob stories are true, whether she tries to pull the “I was raped and molested by my father” one or the “Someone at work raped me so I scratch myself on the arm with a comb but pretend I’m a cutter” one. If you’re a man, look out… If you’re a woman, tell her to back the fuck off the second she says hello to your man.

July 6th, 2018 by
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