Karissa Emilie Fleck – Easton, Pennsylvania

Karissa Emilie Fleck – Easton, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! In a public Facebook post dated December 9, 2016, Bill Hartley, formerly of Ghosts of Sheperdstown on Destination America is quoted, “I wanted to take a second a write this so everyone is clear as to what’s happened in the past few months with me and why I’ve not been very social on my social media pages. I’ve been going though a very big change in my life and I feel it’s fair to everyone that I post this and get it out in to the open. For the past few months I’ve been in a relationship with Karissa Fleck. Many of my closer friends have known or suspected it for a while. But I felt it fair to Karissa and my self to open up and tell everyone. Trisha and I are going to divorce. Karissa is such a wonderful woman and I never would of imagined she would not only like me but fall in love with me. And I am in love with her. There is no need to comment on this or anything. I just wanted it out there.I love you Karissa.”; Isn’t that sweet?? Karissa Fleck, the PROVEN cyber stalker and harasser who trolls herself and claims victim, is now dating her client Bill Hartley? Bill’s public wedding to his wife only a few short years ago came to a screeching halt apparently after this leach of a woman latched on to Bill and the opportunity he provides her. We’ve been told that she collects disability fraudulently but claims to be “self-employed.” Bill was seen saying the same things to his wife across social media only a few short years ago.; We are really happy for these two very unattractive individuals who are known to troll themselves across social media and then play victim to get attention. Birds of a feather flock together. We are wondering why Evan Jensen hasn’t posted an article about this? Also, is Karissa embarrassed of Bill because for once, she hasn’t said anything about dating him. In fact, we have proof of her sexting with other members of the paranormal community and sending nude pics to various men.; Bill’s wife is obviously much better off without him. We couldn’t be happier for Karissa and her client Bill Hartley. We heard that Karissa was announcing and in her own words that she “will be taking the place of the chain smoking, fake psychic Lorie Johnson on Ghosts of Sheperdstown for a new season.” According to Karissa, “We are in talks with big names for a movie deal and a new line of para porn.”; Well best of luck to you Karissa and Bill!! Sounds like your both suited for one another and we all know that homewrecking situations always work out perfectly. Please do us all a favor and don’t procreate!; No one really knows what Karissa actually looks like but here are a few of her photo shop fails. She looks like a real classy chick who enjoys trolling herself.

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