Karli Knutson of Fargo North Dakota

Karli Knutson of Fargo North Dakota StabbedMeInTheBack.com for being a cheater! This is newly 21 year old Karli who decided it was okay to get involved with someone elseÕs man. Not only is she disgusting for what she did but she looks like she was suppose to be born with down syndrome and then right before she was born God gave her a pardon. Funny she still got stuck with that under bite bahaha. Turtle turtle. Karma is a bitch and this whore has it coming. She literally took it in the ass in middle school because she didnÕt want to lose her virginity. Her parents are proud IÕm sure __ She has such a respectful reputation cheating on every man sheÕs had with guys and gals. She must really think sheÕs ugly to have to sleep with that many people. Well if you know any men looking to stick it in where there is always a welcome sign this gem will always be available with a complimentary gift of the clap.

April 21st, 2018 by
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