Kayla Pavlich of Northern Cambria Pennsylvania

Kayla Pavlich of Northern Cambria Pennsylvania StabbedMeInTheBack.com for being a cheater! This is Kayla Pavlick of Northern Cambria PA. She is a true homewrecker. Not only has she cheated on her former relationships now sheÕs screwing married men taken men and a few single men. The final straw came when she was doing some of the dads of kids on her sonÕs baseball team. At the moment she is sleeping with my boyfriend and a married man. She is disgusting and doesnÕt care who she hurts. The men are not innocent in this please do not think I am saying any of them are. No friends anymore because of her lying cheating pig life style. Everyone beware she will stop at nothing until she has whatever or whoever you have. Then she moves on to the next one. Her money is keeping each man coming back. We all know what you are if youÕre giving any of them moneyÉ.pro. She is ruining families one conquest at a time. When I asked her to stay away so that my kids and I could get through this she pushed even harder. She is so disgusting that most men hide the fact theyÕre fucking her. The scarlet letter should be tattooed on her forehead except this time it should be a W. So think twice before you become friends with this slut. She will lie and cheat and steal so she now has your life. At one time she was doing her only friends boyfriend too. What a sorry excuse for a mom person and girl.

April 17th, 2018 by
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