Kelly Hodak (AKA) Melody Ann – West Palm Beach, Florida

Kelly Hodak (AKA) Melody Ann – West Palm Beach, Florida stabbed me in the back! Kelly Hodak is a disgusting slut who cheats on her man who has cancer with married men she meets at the strip club flash dance she waitresses at(because she’s far too ugly to be a stripper Lmao). She even had to change her name to Melody Ann on facebook because her own friends and family were bashing her for being such a low down scum bag. Her own sister told me I’m clearly a good Mother, unlike her sister! lmao She tried to lie and say she didnt know he was married, but I confronted her in August,here it is December and she’s still fucking with my still husband(soon to be ex, which I had to force cause he wont let go). She has in a relationship status on her page but he doesn’t, his says single, lol Like how is my husband your boyfriend? Lmao She’s also a nasty drug addict who gets arrested for drug possesion even though she has three kids she’s supposed to take care of, lucky they have a good dad to be their mommy too, cause she’s useless as a parent(words straight from her baby daddy’s mouth). And it’s not like it’s just one, she’s got like 3 or 4 guys that must be married cause she can’t even post a picture of them or tag them, like how pathetic. It’s sad. Perhaps if she stopped focusing on the next guy she can suck and fuck for some cash to support her drug habit, and started focusing on her sons, then maybe, just maybe, they might give a fuck about her, but I doubt it, her ex says she’ll never change and I’m sure he’s right. Keep being desperate for my sloppy seconds hoe, while he continues to be desperate to keep me and hide you! Lmao. You’re both fucking pathetic and nasty, sharing all them germs from the 5 plus people ya’ll fuck collectively, like *barf* for real! How’s that pussy taste on his dick “princess”? LoL

June 23rd, 2018 by
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