Kelsey Brown of Richmond Kentucky

Kelsey Brown of Richmond Kentucky for being a cheater! Let me just say that I have never personally met this woman. Me and my husband are currently in California and she is an old friend of his family. One night my husbands phone went off at about five in the morning and sometimes he has to be at work that early. So i checked it to make sure it was not anybody from his work it wasnÕt. It was Kelsey Brown. She had sent him a good morning text which sent off a red flag in my head so I read their messages and although he was not saying anything back to her that was inaaprioate she kept telling him how she wanted him in her bed and to sleep with her and she wishes that he was there to give her ÒCompany the way only a man couldÓ or ÒThe best companyÓ. I have been married to my husband for two years now and being a close family friend I am sure that she was aware of this. Anyway I let it go because my husband was not really saying anything that was egging her on and I figured she would get discouraged and move on but this was not the case. About a month later my husband was in getting a haircut and left his phone charging in the car. It went off and it was her. When I read the messages this time she was talking about sucking his dick and how she would be better to him sexually than I am. All in all she is a whore and if she is anywhere near you or your significant other. Watch out because sheÕs desperate and will cling to any man who is kind to her or talks to her in anyway.

April 25th, 2018 by
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