Kelsey Sypher – colorado springs co, Colorado

Kelsey Sypher – colorado springs co, Colorado stabbed me in the back! This woman slept wiith my husband for almost a year, when they got caught they both lied to my face and then my husband just quit coming home he moved in with her and i was pregnant, i miscairied the baby and they said if i wouldnt have miscarried they would have stopped the affair but becuase i didnt miscarry they were continuing, he then texted me he was divorcing me and she helped him file for divorce. When according to her the reason her marriage ended was becuase her husband was havign an affair… but then she went and did the same thing with my husband, she uses social media to post all sorts of things our entire divorce she would tag me in pictures of her wearing my stuff that my husband stole or even clothing articals that i gave to my husband as gifts, she wears a rign my husbands grandfather gave to me as well… that they stole… she has two kids who she has my husband being dad to but she wont let him see his own daughter because she wont let him talk to or be around me so he hasnt seen his own daughter in 6 months but can take her kids to do all sorts of fun things. This girl broke up my marriage willingly and then bragged about it everywhere!

June 21st, 2018 by
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