Ken Sines – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ken Sines – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! Ken Sines and Kelly Sines are local swingers and part of the STARunderground podcast crew. Ken showcases his Godzilla fetish on his personal Facebook page (public picture) and on his swinger Twitter feed (profile picture), @SU_CaptainJake – aka Jake Harkness.; Is it a coincidence Kelly’s middle name is Renee and her alter ego is Renee Harkness – aka @SU_LadyRenee? He is careless by posting about their birthday festivities on his swinger Twitter feed. I would categorize his drinking and sexual priorities as those unbecoming a parent. Why do swingers put personal and identifiable information on the internet for everybody to see? The pictures show how careless these two are with personal details and information across personal and swinging social media platforms.

June 10th, 2018 by
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