Kenya La’Sha Harper – dallas, tx, International

Kenya La’Sha Harper – dallas, tx, International stabbed me in the back! My husband and i have been separated and it so turns out the whole time this woman has been around. She has known about me and continues to sleep with my husband and has now let him move in. he has told her half truths and she has had the nerve to speak those back to me as well. this woman is a homewrecker because she knowingly took my husband and babied him while i was trying to push him to grow up. she lets him do whatever he wants and she is only with him to feel like she winning something. i know as soon as i stop fighting and he starts cheating with someone else besides me, she will get tired of him and let him go too. KNOWING FULL WELL HE HAS A WIFE that he calls every single day wanting to go home to.

June 23rd, 2018 by
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