Kimberly williams – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Kimberly williams – Allentown, Pennsylvania stabbed me in the back! Kimberly williams,,lives in Allentown..and is an Ugly,, Arrogant,, Sidechic..with Nothing else better to do. She has 2 KIDS..and needs to Get a MAN,,But she claims to have ONE of her own..If she had ONE,,,she wouldn’t of been F*** Mine,, ain’t no telling how,,long she been doing That.. Guess she tried to Steal Him,,but her attempt Failed,,Cuz I Put Him out for TRASH,,before she could Steal him…And YESSS…she knew HE was my MAN..She saw us going out for Dinner…She is extremely jealous,, Arrogant,, Immature..and Desperate for Someone to HIT someone put it..Bitch Get a MAN,,UGly,, Ugly You are..both inside and outside…

June 19th, 2018 by
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