Kristy Sibert Smith of Newport News Virginia

Kristy Sibert Smith of Newport News Virginia for being a cheater! This skank likes to solicit online affairs through Facebook. From what I understand this was not the first time. It probably wonÕt be her last either. It all started earlier in 2015 when she contacted my husband on the social media site. Of course he blew her off. She tried again in late June this time sending a number of tacky half naked pictures of herself. The sad part is the fact her husband didnÕt know what was going on. Despite several attempts to contact him I beginning to suspect sheÕs deleting the messages. While her husband is God knows where sheÕs having a little sex chat with my husband in the middle of the night. She thinks she can behave this way and be offended when someone calls her a slut. She lives in the Newport News Va area. If your husband or boyfriend has her on their facebook friend list I would be very suspicious. This bitch is attention starved and affections from taken men is the only thing the twatwaffle wants. Regardless if you have a family or not. Bitch does not care. You can read all about it at

April 30th, 2018 by
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