Kyla Valero of Sacramento California

Kyla Valero of Sacramento California for being a cheater! Ok so this is kyla ! she use to be my BESTFRIENDwe would hangout everyday type shit . . . my boyfriend was in prison for about a year . . . sooooo acouple months be4 my an gets out THIS BITCH & another DUMB BITCH NAMED JEN robbed my house . . . or they had somethin to do whth my house getting robed . . because the bitch called e askin where i was at the night it got robbed and then i ound acouple of my purses in her room (the purses had gotten stolen that night) BUT anyways É. sooo me and her ernt friends. . . . sooo about 4 months after my boyfriend got out i kinda missed her sooo i decided to give her one more chance . . . . sooo she came to my house and everything was cool until i fell asleep and when i wake up i catch her rachet ass layed out on my mans bedhheeellllaaa chattng it up with him hela flirting . soo i told her ass to leave É..istoppped talking to her after that shit. . . soo my bday comes. . . but my boyfriend dosnt come home . . .& gess who he was with in a fuckin hotel room !!!!! THIS HOE ASS BITCH (keep in min that the only reason they knew eachother was because i introduced them) & shes kiked it with him 3 other times after thast tooo!!!fuck both of them there both pathedic ican do sooooo much better

April 8th, 2018 by
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